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Technology Management

Let your tech be managed by us

So your technology and systems are in safe hands.

With the marketplace moving so quickly and digital transformation enabling this, it is no wonder that so many businesses now opt for managed IT services. More than two-thirds of businesses now partner with providers to manage their IT, and this ensures that is always runs smoothly.

Qcom managed services give you the opportunity to move the responsibility of your IT to our technical experts, giving you one less thing to worry about. We can work with you to enhance your current IT department, or we can take over full responsibility of the IT operations for your business.

Whichever the case our team’s focus is on ensuring that your everyday operations run smoothly and you’re not left playing catch-up, fighting fires in your systems.

Through a combination of our bespoke, in-house monitoring platforms and trusted partners, we ensure that your network infrastructure runs smoothly. Proactive support aids the identification of issues, so we can solve them before they become problems. Speedy deployment of solutions when minimize any potential negative impacts on your business if anything in with your network goes down.

Cloud Support
Cloud Support

We don't stop there though. We provide the same bespoke support and monitoring for all aspects of IT. This ranges from cloud support and management to digital transformation to infrastructure and all aspects in-between. Regardless of whether we're complementing your existing team or standing in as your whole IT team, you'll always receive the same level of expertise and continuous support. 

We work in partnership with you. We’re always on hand to use our years of experience to advise you on the best ways to grow and future-proof your IT.
As part of our managed services, we monitor the IT estate, enabling us to provide monthly or quarterly visibility reports to suit you.
We provide reports so that you can have a clear picture of how your IT environment is performing and the reports include:
Faults & Resolution
Network & Security Reports
Details of Hardware & Software Life Cycles
Asset Register
User Cases

If you don’t need all of this information, or you require more, our reports can be customized so you receive the information most relevant to you and the needs of your business.

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