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Vulnerability Management as a service

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Running from 1st November 2021

Vulnerability Management (VMaaS)

As a business, you can’t afford to not know where the weak points in your system’s armour are. Frequent vulnerability scanning and regular reporting are essential so that you can continually identify weaknesses in your systems. This ensures that you always have the strongest security posture available.

Our vulnerability management services (VMaaS) give you detailed reporting, regular scanning; and keeps compliant, in line with contractual obligations, and up to date with risk management standards.

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Benefits of VMaaS

24/7 security monitoring and management
Protect your assets wherever they reside (the cloud, data center, on-premise)
Service/operational levels to suit your business model
Scalable/consistent to manage risk and information security on a worldwide basis


We’ll always provide you with detailed and regular reporting so you can see how we’re performing and part of the Qcom service is proactive, round the clock advice and management. We understand that all businesses are different and so we provide solutions to businesses of all sizes and we always tailor to your budget and specific needs to ensure you get the best IT solution for you.

How our consultancy works

Once we fully understand your business and requirements, we put together a proposal that we think will work best for your organisation. This includes areas where we feel there is room for improvement and also cost savings where possible. During this process, we will consult you to ensure you are happy and you understand the benefits that the proposed solution will bring.

Together, we can build the best IT environment for your business.

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What our customers say

D Stanley

We have a great relationship with Qcom, from the dealings with senior management, right through to the onsite and offsite support. The always available service we receive is invaluable and assisted us a great deal throughout our partnership with them.

When we have issues they are dealt with in a timely and professional manner by all members of staff.

L Rudge

Great experience working with the guys at Qcom, very professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend their services.

P White

The guys at Qcom always seem to be at hand when we need them. The network runs absolutely great so either we are just really lucky or these guys are doing their magic in the background!!!!!

Whenever we require help they are happy to do as requested and advise if the request could cause any issues.

Thumbs up for the Qcom Team.

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