Technology Management

Managed Services

The rise in companies attempting both digitally transform their operations while simultaneously reducing expenditure has led to a surge in the managed services industry. More than two-thirds of businesses have already partnered with at least one managed service provider to handle their IT infrastructure – a strategy which is quickly becoming the norm.

Our Managed Services offer you the opportunity to move the responsibility of your IT estate to QCom’s technical experts. We take on the responsibility of the complete management of your IT environment, leaving you more time to focus on innovation and the delivery of business objectives. Our team’s focus is on ensuring that your everyday operations run smoothly, and you’re not left fighting fires in your systems.

QCom’s Managed Services are an excellent option for organisations that want to scale but don’t have the resources available. We can manage as much or as little as you need, this can include end user workstations, servers, cloud, comms, applications, networks, security, backup and disaster recovery. Our services are tailored to your requirements and environment. This means we offer flexibility and will work in partnership with you to provide the best service possible.

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Visibility Reports

As part of our Managed Service, we are constantly monitoring the IT estate. This means we are able to provide monthly or quarterly visibility reports. The purpose of these reports is to provide management with information of how their IT environment is functioning. This will include:

    • Performance

    • Faults & Resolution

    • Network & Security Reports

    • Details of Hardware & Software Life Cycles

    • Asset Register

    • User Cases

Reports can be customised, so they only contain information relevant to you.

Ongoing Strategy Optimisation

We understand that it’s imperative to regularly review and update strategy to reflect today’s dynamic markets so you can respond to opportunities and threats. QCom work in partnership with you to develop an ongoing strategy. Our years of expertise have helped many businesses to continue growing and plan for the future. Our design inherently includes capacity for growth and expansion, so you’re never caught short.

IT Strategy

Businesses rely on technology to enable their wider business strategy and achieve competitive advantage either through operational excellence or agility and innovation. Aligning these upfront and co-developing an integrated technology strategy is essential to create and sustain long-term value.

The biggest challenge is understanding how all the pieces fit together:


How can technology enable new business models?


Does the new technology work with your legacy hardware and software and existing capabilities?


Will the technology service your needs now and into the future?


How will innovation in technology affect your strategy?

A Practical Strategy


We make sure that technology ties in with your overall business strategy, supports your key business drivers, and can be realistically executed.


Our experts apply an iterative approach to your technology strategy – reducing broad ideas down to a small number of ideal solutions.


We’ll demonstrate how each solution meets your business goals and supports your business capabilities – showing you the art of what’s possible through available technology solutions.


Then we dissect each solution into granular detail, so we can spot any holes and incompatibilities early, ensuring that your technology strategy offers complete coverage.

Regaining Technology Oversight

Staff tend to use a host of devices, apps and other hardware without any oversight by the IT department. To stay relevant, IT must deliver a technology strategy that fulfils these unmet needs without adding unnecessary complexity to an already complex landscape.

Modern businesses need to be:

  • Fast and Responsive

    – for the ‘always on’ customer

  • Fully Mobile

    – to connect people on the move

  • Using Specialist Software

    – to minimise work-arounds

  • Looking at Virtualisation & the Cloud

    – to reduce costs and increase performance

  • Plugged into the Broader Ecosystem

    – to leverage economies of scale and enhance operations through service integration

Our technology strategy consulting makes it easy to stay ahead of trends, delivering the most effective technology strategy to enable your entire business.

Whatever your Business Drivers

Are you:

  • Going through a merger or acquisition?

  • Expanding into a new market?

  • Adopting a new technological innovation?

  • Repositioning your business to adapt to new technology?

  • Being hampered by the ‘cost of complexity’?

We’ll work to create the ideal technology strategy and find the perfect solutions to help you effectively address your requirements.

Programme Delivery

An integrated approach to enable technology transformation and solve complex business challenges. The main driver for technological transformation is always end users. People want to use digital services – they provide flexibility, autonomy, and efficiency. Another driver is the need to cut costs. Automation, self-service, and virtualisation are some key ways that organisations are cutting costs. But it’s not a choice between cost saving or end users. Done well, digital transformation will deliver operational efficiencies, cost reduction, and great customer service.

Technology that enables your business strategy. What is needed is not a technology strategy, but technology that enables your business strategy. Technology is so ingrained in everything we do, if you focus purely on the technology then you are bound to fail. Maximising the potential of digital transformation requires a reimagining of ways of working, with more of an emphasis on horizontal collaboration, building a new ecosystem for delivery.

A multi-disciplinary approach

A key benefit of our team is the depth of their experience and expertise in a wide range of business areas, as well as in technology and software development. We bring all of these skills and expertise together when managing programme delivery.

We also apply these skills to fix technology transformation projects that are spiralling out of control. We adjust the operating model, technology underpinning the transformation, and the application build itself, getting your programme delivery back on track. End-to-end planning and delivery.


Technology Strategy

From scoping the project design to adjusting the operating model, we take all aspects of the strategy into account to draw together a coherent business case.


Technology Sourcing

We will find the very best solution and ensure it works alongside both legacy and other solutions to deliver the programme.



Taking a wider view, delivery encompasses everything from technology integration through to technology testing.


Benefit Realisation

We maximise the business benefits of your programme delivery by helping you visualise and present the change, as well as consolidating things like licenses to minimise further costs.

Deep Technology Alliances

In order to provide the very best outcomes from your programme delivery we form strategic technology alliances with some of the world’s most trusted suppliers. This doesn’t mean we’re biased toward any particular vendor – we are completely vendor agnostic – it means that we constantly stay at the forefront of technology innovation.

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