Programme & Project Delivery

3 key benefits of working with QCom:


Project Manager

A dedicated Project Manager means you will have a single point of contact throughout the entire process.


Vendor Agnostic

As long as the vendor solution best fits what we are trying to achieve, we are happy to work with your preferred technology partners. Equally, we have partnerships with leading technology brands which means we’ll always have you covered with trustworthy vendors who also provide great post-sales support.

Experienced Consultants

Our team of consultants and engineers have years of experience working with organisations of all sizes and across many verticals. Their knowledge of delivering projects and the associated technologies is second to none.


After initial analysis, our team of consultants will carefully design your solution taking into consideration several actors including life span, scalability, end user experience, management and cost (both capital and operational). During this process, we will work with vendor partners to ensure the solution(s) will integrate and deliver the functions required. If deemed necessary, we will run a PoC (Proof of Concept) to minimise any issues further down the road.

Once the design has been finalised, it is documented so that the migration team have clear solution details. This will contain details of the solution, costings, project timeframes and technical details.

Deployment Services

Deploying new technology, whether to a single or to multiple sites, requires coordinated and consistent collaboration from internal staff, external partners and, third-party vendors and service providers.

QCom’s deployment services are designed to simplify this process. We can coordinate your entire rollout from initial site survey and analysis to end-user support. We have the resources and expertise to deliver complex projects.

Testing & Optimisation

To make sure the deployment is a success and performing the tasks expected, our team carry out tests with internal stakeholders and external partners. Not only do we test the performance, features and user experience, we also stress test the solution where necessary and ensure it is also resilient in case of a disaster or failure.

This is also the stage when our team will analyse the deployment and make any enhancements necessary to heighten the performance or end user.

Only once all testing has been concluded, documented and signed off, is it rolled out to the wider user base.

Solution Delivery / Solution Release?

Once the Testing & Optimisation Phase is completed, we will move to the Release Phase. During this phase we will deploy the solution to production. We will also begin training the end users, business admin users and the system administrators. Our team will also provide a System Support Document and the Support and Maintenance Responsibility Matrix to the Client.

The key objectives of the Release Phase are:

  • End User Training

  • Business Administration Training

  • System Administration Training

  • Develop System Support Document

  • Develop Support and Maintenance Responsibility Matrix

  • Deploy Solution to Production

  • Go Live in

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