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What is SASE?

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) was introduced by Gartner in 2019 as an infrastructure category and framework. It is an unprecedented convergence of critical Networking and Security functions within a ubiquitous cloud platform, managed through a single intuitive interface.

As SASE pioneers, in 2015 Cato Networks created the world’s first SASE platform as an affordable MPLS alternative, with the aim of helping clients to complete a tailored MPLS to SD-WAN migration towards unprecedented network and security visibility, control, and flexibility. But note SASE is so much more than just secure cloud-based SD-WAN.

SASE is a timely convergence of critical Network and Security Functions, from SD-WAN optimisation to Firewall as a Service, from Zero Trust Network Access to Network as a Service, and more. All manageable through a single interface. Allowing you to deliver either a Regional SASE solution or a Global SASE solution, based on your business model and needs.


Why does SASE matter?

With a rapid migration towards cloud datacentre integration, cloud applications, and a mobile workforce, the dominance of a classic WAN architecture is now severely challenged.

As a consequence, businesses are closely examining their Cloud, Networking, and Security infrastructure, with the hope of addressing the demand for cloud acceleration, optimized global connectivity, mobile access optimization, ease of management, and remote user security. The question is, how do you address so much complexity and demand?




What’s the value of SASE to your business?


With Cato SASE, your IT Department is relieved of the grunt work of maintaining on-premise infrastructure. Your physical topology, redundancy, scaling, sizing, and upgrading are dramatically reduced. IT can now deliver better services to the enterprise rather than focusing on generic infrastructure maintenance.


The simplification of your network and security stack, together with the consolidation of multiple point products, enables your business to eliminate the overall cost of keeping your network and security infrastructure running. Allowing the IT budget to stretch further, allowing you to save or reinvest.


Cato SASE is a unification, a convergence of critical networking and security functions, allowing your business to manage all features and policies via a single interface, providing control and visibility of networking and security events across your entire estate. Replacing the need to manage a loosely integrated multi-vendor platform.


Imagine having the ability to provide all applications and users with optimized networking and stronger security, regardless of their location. Additionally, imagine having the ability to provision new sites at a greater speed, with no lengthy delays onboarding sites acquired through a recent M&A.


Cato SASE’s global network backbone integrates major cloud providers Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, making cloud connectivity available to all business users. Offering scalability, reliability, performance and security. Cloud application traffic is optimised, such as for Office 365 and UCaaS, CRM and ERP solutions.

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Who are Qcom?

Qcom are a Consultancy and Managed Service Provider, with many years of delivering Networking and Security solutions. Our 3rd line support services are outstanding, helping clients to fault-find and address mission critical application and infrastructure issues.

We go the extra mile and help clients to gain a stronger awareness of their technical environment, assisting with project scoping, solution integration, migration projects, support and maintenance. We are partners with Cato Networks with the aim of delivering a class leading SASE solution.



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