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Whilst there are similarities between compliance and security, IT compliance drives a business to practice due diligence in the protection of its digital assets.

It is focused on the requirements of third parties such as the client’s contractual terms, the government or a security framework. Whereas, security is driven by the need to guard against ongoing threats to an organization’s assets, not necessarily to satisfy a third party’s requirements.

For most businesses, remaining compliant has always been an ongoing headache in IT. In the past, national legislation such as HIPAA and SOX were driving security concerns around hardware and software.

Nowadays, organizations must manage, secure, and ensure compliance for the massive amounts of data they generate, especially when faced with legislation like GDPR.

Non-compliance can be very expensive, both financially and from a reputational viewpoint.

Attaining and maintaining compliance can be a real minefield and there are several areas to consider such as BYOD, software patch management, access control and GDPR to mention just a few.

We can advise in all of these areas, and more, to ensure that your business remains compliant with guidelines and current legislation.

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Software patch management
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