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Posted Thursday, April 9, 2020

Why Should We Remote Work?

As technology evolves and the world transitions into a digital future, the things we need to cater for in business change. Every year there are new problems, but every year there are also new solutions for these problems; remote working is quickly becoming one of the biggest.

If you want statistics, it’s been shown than 16% of global companies and entirely remote, and 52% of employees around the world work from home for at least one day a week.

Having and taking advantage of remote access in your business could increase productivity, reduce stress, higher staff morale, involve safeguarding and more.

How, you ask? We’ll tell you.

Increased Productivity

People who are allowed to work remotely when they choose to are ultimately more productive. They get things done quickly and efficiently since they spend more of their time working.

Lower Stress Levels

Workers who are under less stress and who have a higher morale are more likely to produce more quality content. Here’s why...

Your team can work at their pace

The first reason for this is since your team can finish their work in their own time. They don’t have the pressure of being watched whilst they complete a project, and have more time to think about what they’re doing (which results in better content).

If they’re working on a large scaled project, a lot of the time the pressure put on them to only work on that or to get it finished can ruin the quality. A happy, positive mind-set in essential for good working pace and content.

Reduce burnt-out

A worry a lot of employers have when implementing remote working is that their employees will take too many breaks, and don’t work as efficiently. However, being able to take breaks when they need to is, in fact, a positive. They’re much less likely to get burnt-out, which results in better quality work.

Work-life Balance

Now that we’re in 2020, a work-life balance has become a huge thing that companies need to focus on. People are more than ever getting on back of the idea that they should be able to have flexible hours that suit their lifestyle, so they can remain happy and stress-free. This especially applies for people with families or small children.

Having the option to work when is best for you is not only good for the employee, but also the employer.

First of all, you’re more likely to get applicants in the first place, and secondly, the person working will be happier and will be more motivated to work well for you. They’ll feel more valued as a person and that there’s trust within the business. Trust is a major thing- if an employee doesn’t feel as if their boss values them or trusts them, they’re likely to call it quits.

Instead of hounding people with YOUR business hours, give them the option to choose their own and see how their work ethic and quality rises.

You Can Hire More People

When you hire people who have to come into office to work, your limiting your choices. Only choosing from your local area could be detrimental, as you may have to go for the best of the worst. With remote access you won’t have to do this.

Someone who lives two hours away may be worth more to your company than someone who lives 15 minutes away (in terms of skillset and experience), yet without remote working, you can’t choose the better worker.

You can hire people globally, which gives you a massive pool of choice. You’re more likely to find the perfect candidate. Furthermore, if you’re offering remote work, a survey found that 68% of millennials are more inclined to work for you.

It’s Part of Safeguarding

Remote working not only helps the mental health of your employees, but can protect their physical health too.

If someone is ever ill enough to stay home in a business where remote working isn’t an option, you lose that person for a day completely. However, if you give them access to remote working, they can still do something from home.

Furthermore, if someone has a cold, remote working limits the spread of the cold and therefore saves the rest of your workforce from the same issue. Whereas, if they came in, they could easily spread it to the whole office and you’d have an even bigger problem.

In recent events involving the Coronavirus, people are self-isolating and are being encouraged to work from home to contain the spread. Remote working in a business help keep your workforce safe from this while also keeping them working. You won’t lose productivity since you won’t have to completely shut down.

Looking after your employees should be your number one concern, and remote working is the answer to this. Whether they’re trapped by an illness or weather etc. they will still be able to contribute, and your business will continue to thrive.

And so, after learning few of the many benefits that remote working within your business can give you, are you likely to consider it in the future?

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