Frequently Asked Questions

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We monitor the systems we manage so that any issues can be detected as soon as possible. If the issue can be resolved remotely, our team will access the system(s) and address the issue. If the problem is a hardware failure, then we would raise a case with the hardware vendor and ensure that the faulty component is replaced by a qualified technician. Depending on what level of vendor support is purchased, the faulty hardware can be replaced within 4 hours.
Yes, we can still attend site for urgent issues that cannot be resolved remotely. Our engineers will operate at a safe distance and wear face masks and gloves wherever possible.
A Priority 1 (P1) case will typically be responded to within 30 minutes.
It doesn’t really make a difference where you’re working from. We can access all systems remotely and provide support as if we were sitting next to you. If an onsite engineer is required, we would ask that there is someone onsite to allow access to the systems.
Support cases can be raised via phone, email or online helpdesk. For urgent cases, we ask that you call our support number. For non-urgent cases, you can choose any of the three aforementioned methods.
Our team of consultants have many years of experience in delivering one-off projects. Once we have the full scope of requirements, we will provide you with a fixed price to deliver the work. If you require on-going assistance on a project and you are not sure how long it will last, we can provide you with an hourly or day rate for our services. In any case, we are flexible and will work with you to determine what model works best for your business.
Contact us to see how we can improve the service you receive or the way your IT works for you. In many cases we have been able to demonstrate cost savings, improved security and greater productivity. We’re happy to propose a solution and pricing based on your needs and budget. Each solution is moulded around your business requirements.
Once we have fully understood the way you work and the business requirements, we will put together a proposal that we think will work best for your organisation. The proposal will include areas where we feel there is room for improvement and also cost savings where possible. During this process, we will consult you to ensure you are happy and you understand the benefits that the proposed solution will bring.
The cost of service is calculated primarily on the following areas:
  • Size of the IT and Comms environment
  • Number of users
  • Hours of support required i.e. 24x7 or 9x5
  • Onsite assistance required
Once we have the above information, we can include some indicative pricing in the proposal.
We have many years of experience working on projects of all sizes, across the globe. Our engineers are highly skilled in a number of areas. On quite a few occasions, other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have asked us to help them with work they were unable to do. Don’t take our word for it, ask to see the many references we have. Qcom have a ‘can do’ attitude and offer a flexibility that no one else offers.

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