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4-Part SASE Migration Plan


Over the coming weeks I'll be answering each of the questions below
Answers will be delivered via LinkedIn posts and
periodic live webinars with guest speakers from Cato Networks

Part 1 of 4 on Thursday 21 July 3-3.30pm BST.

Here is the URL to register your attendance:

1️⃣ Commercial insights into SASE
Q1. What type of commercial challenges can Cato SASE address?
Q2. What commercial value can Cato SASE provide?
Q3. What are the ROI and TCO metrics for a SASE business case?
Q4. How can I find out more about Cato SASE?

Part 2 of 4
2️⃣ Technical insights and demo
Q5. How does Cato SASE work?
Q6. How can I view the solution architecture for Cato SASE?
Q7. What technical benefits will Cato SASE provide?
Q8. What is the Cato SASE deployment process?
Q9. What disruption will a Cato SASE deployment cause?

Part 3 of 4
3️⃣ Proof-Of-Concept
Q10. How quickly can I get access to a Cato SASE Proof-Of-Concept?
Q11. What do Cato require from us to get a POC underway?
Q12. What does a Proof-Of-Concept involve?
Q13. What change control is involved within a Proof-Of-Concept?
Q14. How do we define a Cato SASE migration strategy?

Part 4 of 4
4️⃣ Transition to Go-live
Q15. How do we transition from a Proof-Of-Concept to Go-Live?
Q16. How do we migrate from our current supplier to Cato SASE?
Q17. What change control is involved to Go-Live?

Feel free to direct message me with specific questions
Happy to help where we can

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